It is important for beginner hunters to obtain a certificate to be able to hunt legally quickly. Nowadays, getting a hunting license is simple and easy. So, how to get a hunting license? Follow along on this post!

How To Get A Hunting License

You can go through the process of getting a hunter license entirely via the online website and will follow the following sequence of steps:

  • Step 1: Join and complete the Hunter Safety Education Course
  • Step 2: Visit the Fish and Wildlife Service website
  • Step 3: Choose the right license type
  • Step 4: Check the information and make payment

Specifically, at each stage, you need to do what works; please follow the next section.

Step 1: Join and complete the hunter safety education course

Most states and provinces require you to pass a hunter or bowhunter education course before you want to go hunting professionally. These courses teach hunters how to stay safe and involve hunting tactics, hunting laws, shooting positions, and blood trails.

In addition, you will also know all the ways or notes on-field care or equipment selection for each purpose in the forest. This knowledge is necessary and mandatory for a hunter.

Besides studying, you need to pass a test to get a license purchase ID. The ID code will be used to purchase the certificate.

A few states offer an apprentice hunter license form where participants can hunt without completing a hunter safety course. 

According to the National Sportsmen’s Foundation, hunters new to a probationary license must hunt under the supervision of a licensed hunter.

Step 2: Go to the state wildlife agency’s website

After completing the course, visit your state’s State Wildlife Agency’s website to find a department that sells hunting permits. You then click on links that use words like “games,” “wildlife,” or “natural resources” to make the search process easier.

These departments monitor wildlife by setting harvest limits. They also have specific hunting regulations to ensure that no species is left in the danger zone.

Once on the web, look for the section titled “Purchase Licenses” or similar words. If you do not see this item, you can search by hunting-related terms, and you will see results.

Besides, if you can’t find it, please contact the hotline number on the web and someone will help you.

Step 3: Choose the right license type

To choose the right license, you need to fill in the required information. It’s similar to you declaring personal information, nothing too complicated.

The information you must answer is:

  • Are you a resident or a resident?
  • Annual or short-term license period
  • Big game or mini-game depends on what kind of animal you are going to hunt.
  • Age (youth or star age)
  • Do you hunt on public land?
  • Pet harvest plan

Hunting license prices will vary depending on the state you live in. You will pay more if you buy elsewhere. Some predators require a special drawcard, which usually requires filing within a certain time.

If you’re ready to pursue the hunt for a lifetime, consider purchasing a “Lifetime License”. Most states offer a lifetime license with full privileges for a one-time price. Although the price is a bit high, they are much cheaper than buying retail in the long run.

If you have not determined which license you need, you should contact the state agency you are purchasing and ask for their assistance. Present your situation and goals, so they will help you determine the most appropriate license for you.

Step 4: Check the information and make payment

Once you fill in the information, the license type you want will appear. At this point, add them to your cart and go to the checkout process. Some government agencies require you to create an account with a username and password.

To successfully create an account, you will fill in some of the information they ask for. You only need to fill in the form; you will have an account and pay immediately.

But before paying, you need to double-check the information related to the license to make sure you have chosen the right one.

A hunting license defines who you are and what hunting or fishing rights you have purchased. Conservation officers will check your hunting license just like the police ask for a driver’s license. So this type of document is also very important for you to carry with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions regarding hunting certificates will be answered here. Please follow up.

1. How much is a hunting license at Walmart?

At Walmart, a hunting license can range from $7 to $305. In particular, non-residents in the area they buy will have to pay a larger amount. With a deer hunting certificate, you will have to pay $7.5. In addition, those who choose a longer-term will pay a higher fee, around $305.

For residents, a regular hunting license costs $25 for the individual package and $68 for the combined package. In addition, the elderly residents only need to pay $7 to enjoy the fun of hunting.

2. How do you get a hunting license in America?

It seems that today everyone is choosing to do it online. Just go to the State Wildlife Agency’s website. Then select the state you live in and decide to buy the appropriate license.

Of course, to make the purchase easy, make sure you’ve completed a hunter education course. This course is also available online. As such, getting a hunter license does not take too much travel time and can all be done from home.

3. Do you need a hunting license to hunt in America?

In the US, if you want to hunt legally, you must have a state hunting license. In addition, players must comply with the provisions of the permit.

4. How old do you have to be to get a hunting license in CA?

To legally hunt in California, people here are required to have a hunting license. Residents 16 years of age and older can already get this document from a government agency.


A permit allows you to legally hunt while helping to preserve the natural balance of the animals. Therefore, a true and loving hunter must have this type of document before doing your job. To quickly get a hunting license, just follow the steps outlined above.

Thanks for reading!