Hunting is a great activity. However, it is not easy to get started. To start hunting, you need to become a hunter, whether in practice or officially. How to start hunting? Wondering about this question but you still can’t find the right answer? In this article, we will provide you with the detailed instructions.

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How To Start Hunting?

To start hunting, follow the steps we share below:

  • Take the course and get a Hunter Safety Card
  • Firmly grasp the law of hunting
  • Find a hunting advisor
  • Identify hunting gear and learn to use it
  • Practice hunting

You can change the sequence of steps to suit your situation better. However, you need to complete all of them to get off to a good start. Every effort is essential. Please refer to our analysis.

Take the Course and Get a Hunter Safety Card

The first step for you to start hunting is the Hunter Safety Card. It’s like a certificate certifies you’re already a hunter. You can take hunter courses to earn this safety certification.

The states all regulate hunting activities very strictly. To be able to hunt, you must have a certificate or a Hunter Safety Card. These certificates will help you to hunt animals such as deer, squirrel, deer, turkey, etc.

Each state will have its obligations for what you need to hunt. But almost all states require you to have this safety certificate.

Either way, you still have to take a hunting course before you start. The course will cover hunting knowledge, hunting rules, and safe hunting gear or an ethical shooting position.

Courses are usually cheap, only a few dozen dollars. You can even complete an online hunting course and get a certificate.

In short, a hunter safety card and a hunting course are essential for you to start hunting.

Mastering the Laws of Hunting

Hunting is a rather dangerous activity. As you know, the states usually control it quite tightly. They have set a lot of regulations and limits on when and how to hunt.

Of course, these are all used to ensure your safety and ecological balance. So, you need to follow all the hunting laws set forth by the state. If you violate, you will receive some accompanying penalties.

Each state has its hunting laws and restrictions. The rules you learn in one state may not apply to another. To be on the safe side, read up on the hunting laws in the state you’re hunting in. In addition to hunting laws, you should also consult the time limits for hunting animals of that state.

One case is that you can hunt rabbits from March to May of the same year. In contrast, you can hunt species like wild boars at any time.

The hunting regulations are comprehensive. In addition to state-specific laws, there will be many general regulations across the country. To avoid getting into trouble with violations, you should read them carefully before you start hunting.

Find a Hunting Advisor

Even though you took an entire hunting class and got a certificate, but this class can’t make you a good hunter.

Most of the things you learn are theoretical, and it is unlikely that you can do them in real life. The courses also won’t impart you some real-world experience.

What gets you started hunting better is a mentor. Experienced hunting advisors will pass on excellent knowledge or tips to you.

To become better, hunters often have their secrets. They won’t pass on the bottom line to you. However, it’s enough to give you a better start.

If you know a professional hunter, you are fortunate. You should ask them for help and share their experiences with you. They don’t need to share the whole thing, but it’s enough for you to hunt better.

If you don’t know hunters, you can find hunting groups and get help. Most of them will enthusiastically share with you their hunting knowledge. You can observe how they hunt and memorize them. Good observation can help you grasp the bottom line.

Identifying Hunting Tools and Learning to Use It

To hunt, you need hunting gear. One of the most potent and popular hunting tools is the gun. In addition, you can choose bows, crossbows, or common traps.

You can choose more than one hunting gear. However, you need to master at least one of them.

Before you go hunting, attend training courses in the use of hunting equipment or learn directly from hunters you know. You need to make sure you can use your hunting gear in any situation.

You also need to know how to use a hunting gun. This realization has strong power and helps you quickly catch your prey. However, learning to shoot is not easy. You need to take the time to use it proficiently and safely.

Hunting Practice

After you have fully equipped with knowledge and hunting tools, you can start hunting. Don’t start hunting alone. You should begin hunting with friends or experienced people.

Choose a suitable hunting ground and make sure you know the rules of that hunting ground. Start with small animals and then increase the level as you gain more experience.

How To Be A Good Hunter?

After starting hunting, you will feel more interested in it. After that, the desire to become a good hunter will grow. Here are a few hints you can do to help you hunt better.

Move Slowly and Gently

Animals are susceptible to the world around them. The noises will startle them, and they run away. You should move very slowly not to make noise when you see your prey.

Learn How to Set Traps

You may not need to be too good at shooting if you know how to set traps. Trapping is one of the most intelligent hunting methods. You don’t need to spend a lot of effort, but you need to know and experience to get the prey to fall into the trap.

Learn To Recognize Animal Traces

One of the most effective ways to hunt is to recognize the tracks left by the animal. You can follow these tracks to find prey or identify their habits.

A Closer Look At A Wide Area

Observation will bring you great results. If you have good observation, you will quickly identify your prey even when it is far away.

You can use some additional tools such as binoculars or viewfinders.

Persevere Following Prey

Some animals are intelligent. It has a remarkable ability to hide or camouflage. It also makes it difficult for hunters.

You should not be discouraged but persistently follow and observe them. Professional hunters can spend a few days to half a month just watching their prey. Persistence will bring you good results.


Hunting is a dangerous but fun activity. However, the states have made a lot of laws about hunting. But if you memorize them, it won’t be a problem.

Here is all the information we want to share with you. We hope it can help you start hunting better. Thanks for reading!