Surely a camping trip will make you feel excited. However, the biggest concern is hygiene. It not only keeps about birth for you but also for the surroundings. What is the method to stay clean while camping? 

Let’s find out the best camping tips below!

What Is The Method To Stay Clean While Camping?

To keep clean when camping, you can do the following methods:

  • Bring clothes to change
  • Bring your toiletries
  • Shower and wash clothes every day
  • Use dry shampoo
  • Use a sleeping bag
  • Wash the dishes and dry them after meals
  • Use biodegradable cleaners
  • The best way to go to the toilet

You will be looking forward to an exciting early camping trip. However, hygiene issues will make you worry. It would help if you did not only keep yourself clean but also keep the environment clean.

Some campsites are very important in terms of protecting the environment and the ecosystem. You need the best tips to keep camping clean without harming the environment.

You need the best tips to keep camping clean

Check out some of the tips that we want to introduce to you right here.

Bring Clothes To Change

After a day of continuous activity, you will sweat a lot. Your clothes will have a lot of stains and an unpleasant smell. If you go camping for a long time, you can’t keep wearing them.

The best thing for you is that you should bring clothes to change. You don’t need to get a lot of clothes. You need 2 or 3 changes of clothes.

Because at the campsite there will usually be a water source. You can wash your clothes right after you change them and hang them up. By the next day, you will have another outfit to change.

However, you should bring plenty of underwear. In case all your clothes are dirty, new underwear will save you. It makes your body cleaner and less uncomfortable.

Bring Personal Toiletries

Some people, when camping, often decide not to brush their teeth. They think that toothpaste can pollute the environment.

You need some other toiletries such as towels and tissues

Honestly, we can use bio toothpaste. It is secure for both you and the environment. If you don’t brush your teeth, then I guess you will feel uncomfortable.

You need some other toiletries such as towels and tissues. You should bring soft and thin face towels; you can dry them faster.

Packs of wet wipes or baby wipes are beneficial when camping. It’s compact, and you can use it to wipe everything.

Shower Every Day

If you’re planning an extended camping trip, you can’t avoid showering and washing clothes.

After a tiring day, you need to take a shower to clean the dirt on your skin. Many people worry about the source of the water for bathing and showering. You can refer to the following ways of bathing when camping:

  • Bathing in natural waters
  • Take a shower with your water and a homemade shower
Bathing in natural waters

At camping sites, there are often lakes or streams you can bathe directly with that water. Note that you do not use shower gel. You should use biological shower gel to protect the environment.

For places where there is no natural water, you can bring water on camping cars. You can make your shower with a plastic bag or a plastic cup with a hole in the bottom.

Indeed bathing at the campsite will be an excellent experience for you.

Washing Clothes After Bathing

Save time drying clothes. After showering, wash your clothes and hang them up to dry.

You will use the exact source of water to wash your clothes when you take a shower. If you wash in a stream or lake, use a biodegradable detergent and use only a tiny amount.

Wash the clothes and hang them up

If there is no water around the campsite, pour the water you brought into a bucket. Next, add minimal biological detergent and wash the clothes. After washing, get a bucket of laundry detergent and pour it at least 200m away from the water source or your campsite.

Using Dry Shampoo

During a long camping trip, you cannot skip washing your hair. If you are concerned that the water and the shampoo are harmful to the environment, you can use dry shampoo.

This shampoo will wash your hair without water, and it prevents oily hair and an itchy scalp. You can have fragrant and clean hair after use.

Using a Sleeping Bag

Whether you decide to sleep outside or sleep in a tent, lying on the ground is not safe and clean. Sleeping bags will ensure hygiene and help you sleep better.

The sleeping bag can protect you

At night at campsites, there are insects and small animals. The sleeping bag can protect you inside it. Sleeping bags are also warmer and cleaner than sleeping on the floor of a tent.

Wash And Dry Dishes After Meals

Dirty bowls will cause a lot of mold and organisms that cause us disease. You can’t leave them on for a long time. So you need to wash the dishes immediately after using them.

Washing dishes is quite simple. You pour water into a large bucket or pot. Then add a bit of natural washing oil and use a soft rag to wash the dishes.

You need to wash the dishes immediately after using them

After washing dishes, you should pour detergent with detergent away from where you live and the water source at least 200m. You should dry the bowl on a towel or rocks to make it dry and cleaner.

Use Biodegradable Cleaners

Environmental protection is an important issue that we all need to pay attention to this. During camping sessions, use biological cleaners. It is biodegradable and doesn’t harm the environment.

We can see that life at the campsites is the life closest to nature. So please feel natural and protect the environment better.

You can buy these biological cleaners at grocery stores. Their prices are also not high, and you can buy them.

The Best Way to Go to the Toilet

Many people will no doubt worry about going to the toilet as well. In a deserted place, where would you go to the toilet?

Go to the toilet about 200m away from the campsite

You should bring a small trowel to cover the waste after going to the toilet. Please go to the toilet about 200m away from the campsite so as not to pollute. We should dig a hole deep enough to bury all the waste.

You should bring biodegradable toilet paper or use leaves. After using toilet paper, you can burn it or put it in a Ziploc bag and take it to the garbage disposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to keep clean during menstruation while camping?

If you get your period while camping, you can handle everything as usual. You can use a menstrual cup or a sanitary pad/tampon.

However, menstrual cups require you to need hot water and a cleaning solution to clean.

With pads/tampons, you can put them in a Ziploc bag so that when camping is over, throw them in the landfill.

2. Is hand sanitizer necessary for camping?

Camping will be perfect if you bring enough hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer can remove bacteria better. You can take it before eating or after going to the toilet.

We recommend using hand sanitizer. It’s convenient, and you don’t need to reuse it with water.

3. Should I bring pajamas?

Bring a pair of pajamas if your backpack has room. It makes your sleep more comfortable.


Camping trips are a bit difficult in life, but they give you fantastic experiences. It would be best if you didn’t worry about hygiene issues. You may do just about anything with the tips we suggested above. We hope you will have a great camping experience. 

Thank you for reading!