Adventurous outdoors is an ideal choice for family vacations and backpacking. Indulging yourself in nature and the ecosystem is way more fascinating than staying in a hotel!

The portable tent-like yurt shelter is of interest to many explorers. While climbing is a physical adventure, camping in a yurt benefits our mental health.

So, what is a yurt camping? What makes it a good idea to go gurt camping? We’ll clue you into the answer now!

What Is A Yurt?

Basically, yurts are big, portable, circular domed tents. There are a variety of yurt models on the market, including both simple and luxury ones.

‘Yurt’ in Mongolian means “home,” and these mobile shelters make people living inside feel home and comfortable.

The yurt life is a great temporary camping experience and a desiring permanent lifestyle. Some people even choose to live in communities of modern yurts, where the environmental impact is lower.

A yurt typically has a diameter of 12 feet and a width of 30 feet. New models can stand at the height of 16 feet. Some family-sorted yurts are so giant that they can contain up to 15 people.

With that generous space, your extended family or group of buddies can lie down together and gossip all night!

What Is A Yurt Camping?

Yurt camping is an unusual type of camping, in which a yurt is used instead of a normal tent. A yurt camping experience offers far less stress and hassle than tent camping. 

People also call it “glamping” (glamorous camping) because campers can live in luxurious and fully furnished units – just like a high-end apartment.

What Benefits Does It Bring?

Why yurt camping? Since yurts are affordable, extraordinary, and a nice way to experience nature.

A big advantage of yurt camping is its affordability. For some travelers, they consider budget-friendliness the top priority. And they realize that going for a yurt trip can save them half of the rooming costs compared to a hotel room rental.

Another benefit that yurt camping offers to customers is the unique amenities.

The doom roof lets sunlight illuminate the whole yurt interior during the daytime, and starlight shines through at night, creating perfect stargazing.

Plus, the yurt’s round shape also brings a unique camping experience, appealing to many people’s liking. The unusual design provides people walking into a yurt with a sense of peace, nice comfort, and safety. It is the round shape that makes yurts a charm to campers for centuries.

In our opinion, connection to nature is the most fascinating feature of this type of camping. Yurts are mobile and compact, so you can place them anywhere you want in rustic settings, be it near a riverside or in the middle of a mountain.

Besides, yurts are more eco-friendly than hotel rooms as they’re built on simple platforms, causing little impact on the surrounding earth.

What Makes Yurt Camping So Fun?

Yurt camping visualizes a world view of such a beautiful life that we may have pursued our entire life. You can comfortably live outside of the unsavory norms of brick-and-mortar houses.

Each foreign cultural yurt structure has its own distinctive features. It reflects the life of people in a country: their needs, the weather in their areas, or the migratory birds they hunt or take care of.

What makes yurt camping so charming is that by using some of their unique shelters, we can tap into the historical story and architectural art of the people originating them.

How About Winter Yurt Camping?

Essentially, yurt camping is a year-round activity. Modern-day yurts are exceedingly well built and weather resistant. They can withstand heavy snow, fierce winds, and pouring downfalls.

Therefore, they will protect you and your beloved ones from the nippy weather outside, keeping you safe and snug. You can even gaze at a beautiful snowfall through your window while sipping some ginger tea if you rent a model with a large window view.

What To Pack When Going Yurt Camping?

Whether you rent a high-end yurt with all the essentials or a traditional model, it’s extremely crucial to gather your gear in and out. At least, you have to bring the four must-have gadgets below when having a yurt getaway.

  • Different types of clothes

Bringing multiple clothing layers is not a redundancy. The weather may be unpredictable. It can get hot or cold in a blink, especially in jungles.

When you have various clothes at your fingertips, sudden weather changes are no longer a problem.

  • A fire starter

You may want to cook some grilled food outside and enjoy a BBQ party. A tool to set the fire is necessary for such a case. Also, if you need to have a bonfire, you can take advantage of a fire starter.

  • Lantern

Though most yurts come with electricity, there still may be the risk of sudden blackout. It’s always a good idea to bring a lantern as a precaution.

  • A bug spray

Bugs and insects are part of camping! You don’t want to become a blood buffet for insects and mosquitoes, do you? So you should never forget to take a bug spray along, maybe two or three. It’s a camping staple that a camper must not leave home without.


What is yurt camping? We hope you are now more knowledgeable on the topic. Camping in a yurt is a fantastic way to enjoy nature and the green earth. 

Give it a try, and you’ll never regret it! Glamorous camping can make your adventures and outdoor living an unforgettable experience. So, are you ready to book a pretty yurt camping for your next vacation? 

Happy glamping!