Camping is a form of helping people get along with nature and an activity that many young people love. Camping models have also been born since then. Car camping is more and more popular among young people. So what do you understand about car camping? 

Let’s learn about this topic right now!

What Is Car Camping?

What Is Car Camping?

Car camping would basically be bringing your fully-packed car into a campsite and setting up a tent to sleep there. The majority of sites selected will include national forests, state parks and all other places where camping is allowed.

With just 1 car and the thought of a backpacking trip, you can already plan your activities. To make a car camping trip, you need to prepare yourself and check everything thoroughly before starting.

What Do You Need To Prepare When Camping In The Car?

You need to prepare a few things carefully before you want to make this journey. Necessary items can be mentioned, such as personal items, medical supplies, sleeping supplies, cooking utensils.

Personal items

You should prepare water, some spare clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, personal hygiene tools, and some essentials that you often use every day.

Water is a primary necessity in outdoor activities, especially camping. Being proactive about water will help you feel more comfortable when operating. You can’t let a lack of water affect your emotions and health during your trip.

It’s hard to know when you need to change into a new set of clothes, so proactively bringing clothes will help you feel more comfortable and convenient.

At the same time, because car camping is an outdoor activity, you will be exposed to a lot of sunlight and nature. To protect the skin, sunscreen is essential.

Besides, unexpected insects can always appear. Sometimes their appearance makes you feel uncomfortable and annoyed. It will affect your health. To prevent this problem, insect repellent is a must-have on the list of preparations.

Medical supplies

During a journey, unexpected health risks or unexpected accidents can affect and sometimes destroy the whole trip. Therefore, medical supplies such as medicines, personal bandages, and basic medical tools are essential.

Supplies for sleeping

Sleep always needs to be emphasized in all cases, including during car camping. It is essential to invest and prepare carefully for devices that directly affect sleep. You can choose to buy yourself an air mattress to sleep on during the journey.

Cooking utensil

If you want to have great experiences during your trip, cooking will be essential. Cooking helps people bond with each other on the journey, and it also brings joy to everyone.

Therefore, you should prepare some simple cooking tools and ingredients that can be used during the trip.

Things To Keep In Mind When Camping In The Car?

Although just thinking about camping is enough to make you feel excited, car camping requires more preparation than you think.

Because camping in the car is an outdoor activity, you need to pay attention to many things for the trip to be convenient and comfortable. Camping in the car can be more successful if you keep certain things in mind:

Choose a campsite

A suitable location must be the first important thing before you decide to make your trip. You cannot make a trip without knowing where the destination. Identifying and finding out where you are going will give you peace of mind and make your trip more convenient.

To do that, spend a little time researching car camping sites that are popular or meet your interests. Information to find out includes: distance, topography, site regulations, and safety.

Carefully prepared

Take some time a few days before you go to think about what you need. Taking a long time to prepare for the trip will make the trip more perfect. It will be inconvenient and difficult if, in fun, you feel that something is missing.

Check carefully

Before starting the trip, double-check the items you have prepared before to avoid any omission. Care is never too much for trips.

Another thing to double-check is the means of transport you will be using. Instruments play a very important role, and errors cannot be allowed. 

Check the wheels and other mechanical equipment of the vehicle. At the same time, check the seat to see if it is comfortable enough for the whole journey.

Early departure

It will be difficult if you arrive at the campsite late. You may have to fumble in the dark to set up camp. Not only that, but you are also prone to time pressure.

Please calculate a reasonable time to reach the campsite as soon as possible. Starting early makes you more proactive in terms of time and more convenient for setting up and camping.

At the same time, having plenty of time also helps you handle the risks that may occur on the road or at the campsite.

Possible risks when camping in the car

Although outdoor activities are great, you can also face many risks during car camping. Learning about possible risks sometimes helps you be more proactive in prevention and solutions. Therefore, learn about the most common risks such as:

  • Beast attack
  • Bad weather
  • Insect
  • Unsuitable temperature

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I sleep in my car or a tent?

Depending on your preference, you can choose to sleep in a tent or a car. If the weather is not favorable and you feel dangerous, sleeping in the car is a safer option. 

However, if you want to enjoy the feeling of being immersed in the surrounding nature, then sleeping in a tent will be right for you.

2. Can you sleep in your car in a campground?

Of course! Nowadays, sleeping in cars is completely normal at many camping sites. However, you should contact the campsite in advance to ask about this and the costs incurred if any.


Above is some information about car camping that may interest you. Hopefully, after reading the article, you will understand somewhat what is needed for the trip, and at the same time note some issues to make the journey go more smoothly.