Camping is a fun and exciting activity. However, for a successful camping trip, preparation is extremely important, especially the preparation of dishes. If you are wondering what to choose for camping, you can refer to the suggestions below.

This article will give you the criteria and suggestions for choosing food for camping. Besides, there are some notes when selecting food for you to have a successful camping trip.

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How To Choose Camping Dishes

As a rule, camping dishes are easy to prepare. Prioritize ingredients that are easy to cook or do not take too long to prepare. Because, in camping, people usually don’t bring too many tools. If it takes a lot of time to spend on food, people don’t have many other activities.

Some foods you can prioritize equipping because they can be processed quickly include eggs, bread, cheese, vegetables. Moreover, people can use it to serve many different dishes. 

In addition, you can refer to pre-cooked foods. Thanks to that, during the camping, you just need to warm up and enjoy yourself.

What To Eat While Camping

If you do not know which dishes to choose, you can refer to the following dishes:

  • Grilled food: Seafood, chicken, Skewer meat,
  • Ready-to-eat (canned) foods: Rice roll, Noodles box
  • Vegetables, tubers, fruits, drinking water

Grilled food

Surely many people are no strangers to barbecue camping. Grilling food while camping is an interesting activity that everyone must try. Because you can both grill and enjoy the food on the spot. At that time, the dish is still hot and more attractive.

If you choose grilled dishes for your menu, don’t forget to select accompanying vegetables such as corn, bell peppers, vegetables… The side dishes will balance the taste to help you not get bored of the food.

In addition, baked goods can use a lot of different foods. Below, we give you some suggestions for ingredients for camping grilling.


Grilled seafood is a favorite dish of many people and also an option in camping sessions. The characteristic of seafood is that it is easy to cook and does not need to take a lot of time to prepare.

To make the dish more delicious, people often marinate seafood with spices. Or combining seafood with cheese will also produce delicious and greasy dishes.

Some types of seafood suitable for grilling are shrimp, squid, octopus, snail, etc. Note that choosing too large ones will take a long time to process. Therefore, moderate sizes are the best choice.


If your team doesn’t like seafood, you can consider choosing chicken. Depending on the number of participants, you can select the appropriate amount of chicken.

For chicken, you have many options such as chicken wings, chicken feet, chicken thighs… You can also consider choosing whole chicken. However, a chicken will take longer to cook because of its large size. It’s best still to prioritize separate parts like thighs and wings.

Just like seafood, marinating before grilling is essential. At the supermarket, there are many different seasoning packages. Therefore, everyone has to discuss together to choose the type of flavor for their dish.

Skewer meat

For barbecue, meat skewers are also an option for many people. Grilling skewers will be more convenient than seafood or chicken. If you don’t have much time to prepare, you can choose the meat skewers available in the supermarket.

In addition, you can also create your own different skewers. In terms of ingredients for skewers, there are many other options. 

Usually, it will be beef combined with vegetables such as bell peppers. Or you can also choose beef rolls with enoki mushrooms. In general, the skewers are not limited to ingredients. So, everyone can mix their favorite ingredients.

Ready-to-eat (canned) foods

In camping, people often prioritize compactness and speed. Therefore, ready-to-eat foods will help meet this need. Thereby, you do not need to bring too many cooking utensils and still have delicious and attractive dishes.

Moreover, the way of maintenance is also simpler and easier. This convenience is suitable for long camping trips. As for canned food, you have a lot of options at the supermarket. However, here we will give some common and typical types.

Rice roll

First, prepared rice rolls do not have too many ingredients and are relatively compact. In addition, this dish is easy to eat and suitable for many people. The main meal will be complete if there is a portion of rice rolls.

If you don’t like the pre-rolled portions in the supermarket. You can still prepare the ingredients in advance. Then to the camping site, everyone rolled rice together in a fun and interesting way. Overall, scrolling is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take too long.

Noodles box

A few boxes of noodles will be suitable for long camping sessions. The advantage is the simplest processing of the dishes. You just need to pour boiling water in, and very quickly, you have a delicious noodle dish.

When carrying canned noodles, you will reduce the preparation of other tools such as bowls, spoons, forks, … In addition, their size and weight are also quite light and do not take up too much space to grow your bag. friend


Not only is it a portion of fast food, but bread can also be combined with a variety of ingredients. Therefore, omitting bread can be a major omission.

Some things that combine with bread to make simple but delicious dishes are jams and peanut butter. Even prepared sandwiches make for a great breakfast at the campsite.

Vegetables, tubers, fruits, drinking water

In addition to the main dishes, the preparation of more vegetables, tubers, and fruits will not be redundant. The dishes will be more wonderful if they combine with vegetables, tubers, and fruits. Eating with vegetables helps to stimulate the taste buds and not get bored.

Next is the fruit, which you can use to make unique desserts. You can combine them with soft drinks to create cool beverages. However, please refer to the available recipes. Don’t automatically combine.

Finally, an essential thing is drinking water. You can choose from soft drinks, fizzy drinks, beer, etc. It’s even better when they come with some ice.

Notes When Choosing Food For Camping

  • Not all dishes are suitable for camping. Therefore, it is very important to keep the following points in mind.
  • Do not choose raw or undercooked foods. For outdoor activities, eating raw is sometimes not good for the digestive tract. People with a weak gut can lead to serious consequences, losing the fun atmosphere of the camping trip.
  • Do not eat too many different dishes in one meal. Eating many dishes at once can affect the digestive tract causing abdominal pain.


Hope the above information will help you to choose a suitable menu. Your camping trip will be more favorable. 

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