Hunting is an exciting exploration, but it is also hazardous. You will not know in advance what danger awaits you at the hunting ground. The best thing is that you should prepare a perfect plan. So, when you go on a hunting trip, what do you need to prepare? 

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What Do You Need to Prepare When You Go On A Hunting Trip?

When starting a hunting trip, you should prepare everything carefully and thoughtfully as below:

  • Determine the hunting site
  • Pack your bags carefully
  • Check the weather and hunting gear
  • Work assignment
  • Know the rules of the hunting grounds
  • Take safety measures
  • Hire a guide or hunting advisor at a new location
  • Leave a hunting plan

You can hunt anywhere, but most of the time, you need to prepare the same things. Preparing everything will make your hunt more convenient and wonderful. Follow the next share to know what you need to do when hunting.

Determining Hunting Sites

In every hunt, the first thing you need to do is determine where to hunt. You should find places that match your abilities or your group. 

Places you’ve been to are pretty safe because you already know about them. But you will probably feel bored and without excitement or newness.

Finding new hunting spots is not the wrong choice. However, you need to learn carefully about the characteristics of the new location. Check information about hunting laws, game species, and dangerous areas.

In addition, you can also consult some hunters who have been to that area. They can pass on many critical points to you. Knowing about the hunting site will give you enough confidence and knowledge to start the hunt.

Pack Your Bags Carefully

A hunting trip can last many days, bringing gear is essential. You and your teammates need to make sure you have enough equipment for a hunting trip.

Clothes to keep warm at night are essentials. A lighter or match will give you light in the dark. You can also enjoy hot food when there is a fire. You should also put some personal belongings, a flashlight, a knife, and a can opener in your pocket. 

Don’t forget any items, although they are small but indispensable. Carrying a little canned food will help you not be hungry until you have caught the prey.

In addition, your bag cannot lack a first-aid kit and medicine. Although hunting is not too dangerous, injuries can come at any time. It is best to bring all medical equipment with you.

Communication devices are necessary connectivity tools. Please check the signal and its performance before putting it in your pocket. A map of the hunting ground will help you move more flexibly.

If you are hunting with a large group of people, it is possible to divide the necessary tools to carry. If you are forgetful and the number of items is too much, make a note of the required items and put them in the bag for each item.

Check Hunting Gear And Weather

Before you go hunting, you need to check your hunting equipment, especially guns. Make sure they are still in good working order and safe. You need to bring enough ammo or arrows in case of need. If you take some simple hunting tools, repair tools will be more convenient.

You need to check your hunting equipment

Weather is a factor that many hunters forget when hunting. But you may have to cancel your hunt because of light rain.

You were checking the weather before your hunt will get you off to a good start. You also don’t have to experience harsh or brutal climates at the hunting grounds.

In some cases, extreme weather will bring danger to your journey. It’s better to check the weather and choose the right time to hunt.

Job Assignment

This step is suitable if you have a hunt with many people. It is generally not advisable to hunt with a large group. But the number of people from 3 to 5 is reasonable.

Each member of the group will have its advantages and disadvantages. The team leader should assign appropriate work to each member. A clear assignment will lead to higher work efficiency.

Mastering the Rules of the Hunting Site

Although there are general hunting laws, hunting laws vary from state to state. So before you go to a new hunting site, you need to know about their hunting laws.

You need to find out in advance when going to a new hunting ground

Knowing the law will save you unnecessary trouble. It could be the law on animals to be protected or the dress code for hunting. Either way, consulting the rules of the hunting ground in advance will also help your hunting trip more smoothly.

Everyone’s hunting license is also essential. It needs to be valid and match the requirements of the hunting grounds during the trip. Although most licenses are valid everywhere, in some cases, there will be other state regulations. You need to find out in advance when going to a new hunting ground.

Take Safety Measures

Wherever you go hunting, you shouldn’t ignore safety rules. You and everyone else need to follow strict safety procedures and measures.

You should be aware of the new hunters in the group. Maybe they are not experienced enough to use and control dangerous tools such as guns. Ensure the gun is always in a safe state, do not wear the gun horizontally, but point the barrel to the sky.

You should also wear orange clothes so that you don’t fall prey to other hunters.

Hire a Hunting Guide or Advisor at a New Hunting Site

If you are not familiar with the new hunting ground during this trip, you need to hire someone who can help you. They are people with enough experience and familiarity with the terrain here.

The knowledge they have will help you experience a more exciting hunting journey. They also help you to hunt more prey because they know the animals in this place well.

Leave a Hunting Plan

To be secure in the event of a disaster, leave the hunting plan to your family. It will ensure your safety when you are in danger in the forest.

You need to specify the hunt location, the time to go, and the time to return in the plan. If you have a backup location, you should also write it down. All the necessary information will help people find you faster. We cannot predict when danger will come. Prevention is the best course of action.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should hunters wear orange fluorescent gear when hunting?

Orange fluorescent clothing can emit light, and people can see it easily from a distance. It helps other hunters realize that you are also a hunter and not prey.

She was wearing fluorescent orange clothing when hunting is also a rule in many states.

2. Why do you have to leave a hunting plan when you go hunting?

The hunting plan will let everyone know who you hunt with, when to hunt, and when you return. If you have not returned by the time you return, people will be able to search for you. It is instrumental in rescue when you have problems.

3. Do I need to wear layers when hunting?

Wearing layers of clothing is quite effective. It helps you resist the harshness of the weather, especially at night. Many nights in the mountains often drop low, and layers of clothing will help you fight the cold.


Hunting is an exciting trip. In new hunting locations, you can discover more things. However, you have to prepare everything carefully. Even a small blunder can create many problems. Hopefully, our sharing will help you prepare for the hunt better. 

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